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The Promotion & Continued Development of Paramedicine in Nova Scotia

The Paramedic Professional Association of Nova Scotia has been established.


It is the vision and goal of the association, that it will serve to advocate for, educate about, and promote the Paramedic profession. These efforts will be conducted in stakeholder, legislative and public spaces.


Through a continuous collation of evidence, experience and ideas of Paramedics, a formidable gravitas would accompany this advocacy work. Those that have influence and impact on the work of Paramedics are the principal targets of this advocacy. The betterment of Paramedic wellness, safety and career sustainability are chief goals. 


Further championing the profession will be the association’s role to educate the public, allied professions and government about Paramedicine. The Paramedic profession has the capacity to change the landscape of modern healthcare delivery, Paramedics know this. Informing decision makers and encouraging policy that benefits the Paramedic profession, will in turn benefit patients and the Healthcare system at large.


Through circumstance of the Paramedic experience, the profession is informed on a range of issues that directly affect the public interest and health. The association provides a voice to the this Paramedic account and experience. 


These are just a few of the ambitions of the  association. Strategies and specific objectives are evolving; it is incumbent on the membership to identify and prioritize the challenges of the profession . There are limitless possibilities to what a professional association can accomplish with a strong, informed and engaged membership.


It should be noted that those working for the Association are volunteers, whose time and effort is a substantial contribution. 

We, the steering committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all Nova Scotia’s dedicated Paramedics for the work they do. 


Rob Groom

Advanced Care Paramedic 

NSPPA Steering Committee Member



  • Transparency

  • Inclusivity

  • Collaboration

  • Advocacy

  • Professionalism




Judah Goldstein

-Primary Care Paramedic, PhD

Jen Greene

-Advanced Care Paramedic

Dave Feargrieve

-Advanced Care Paramedic

Chad Drover

-Advanced Care Paramedic

Rob Groom

-Advanced Care Paramedic

Tyler MacCuspic 

-Advanced Care Paramedic

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